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Return Policy

An Important note about our Return Policy: Our wants, hopes, desires and wishes here at DIY Parts USA are to provide you with low cost, brand new HVAC Parts and Supplies so you can have the rewards in knowing that you saved money and performed the maintenance, or made a repair yourself! Please understand that we are can not warrant electrical parts because our suppliers will not warrant electrical parts because we sell to homeowners over the Internet. Our goal and purpose is to help you out by providing low cost products and providing email support and help by using our email address: We would never want to think that we ripped anyone off, but selling a defective part! Please do not look in bad favor on this return policy. We only mark our products up between 10% and 15%. All of our parts and supplies are brand new. We do not sell returned our used parts.

  1. Control Boards and all electrical parts we sell are brand new and are sold as is without any warranty. Once an electrical part has been installed, or if the seal is broken on the sealed bag we cannot accept a return because we do not sell returned or used parts. All the parts we sell are brand new. Our suppliers will not warrant electrical parts so we cannot warrant electrical parts. Please do not purchase any electrical parts if you do not accept this policy. Electrical parts include Electronic Furnace Control Boards, Gas Valves, Furnace Hot Surface ignitors, 2 or 3 wire pilot burners, pressure switches, water solenoid valves, flame sensors, limit/rollout switches, draft inducers, Motors or any electrical parts after they have been installed.
  2. If your merchandise arrives damaged: We will submit an insurance claim and we will immediately ship you new merchandise if your merchandise arrives broken or damaged. All merchandise is inspected before shipping to make sure it is in new condition. Please let us know if you receive damaged merchandise. Please email us at: For example: I make sure all the motor shafts are not locked and free turning before shipping. If you receive a motor with a tight or locked shaft then the motor was damaged during shipping and we need to file an insurance claim.
  3. Please keep your receipt or provide us with a purchase date so we can look up your invoice. We can not give a refund if we can not find the purchase date, invoice number and the merchandise back in our hands in brand new condition.
  4. No Returns will be accepted after 30 Days from date of purchase. All same day order cancellations are subject to an 8% restocking fee, because this is the fee that we pay our credit card companies.
  5. Our suppliers will not accept a return on electrical parts so we can not accept a return on electrical parts if the part has been installed or not in brand new condition. We can not accept a return if a part comes in a sealed plastic bag and the bag has been torn open. We will not and do not resell parts that have been returned as new.We have very few returns,but if you do need to return an item it best that you know our policies and procedures. If you need to return an item please email us: We will respond within 12 hours of your email.
  6. If we accidentally shipped you the wrong merchandise from what you ordered, then we will ship you the right merchandise out immediately at our expense with an UPS Return label enclosed so you may return the wrong merchandise.
  7. All returns if you do not want the product or if it is your fault in ordering the wrong product are subject to a 8% restocking fee. We will not sell any merchandise that has been returned. Our credit card processor and PayPal charges us 4% for the initial transaction and 4% for the credit to your credit card. This is a total of 8% we have lost to the credit card processor. This is why the 8% restocking fee is necessary.
  8. All returns must be packaged in their original box, in new condition, with all parts and manuals included before a refund will be given. We can not accept a return if the part comes in a sealed package (plastic bag) and the package has been ripped opened. We can not sell parts to you for testing purposes. Some customers purchase parts and find out that the part did not fix the problem and another part was actually causing the problem. We can not issue a refund if the part has been installed. We do not sell used parts and this would represent a total loss to our business if we accept the returned part after it has been installed.
  9. When a refund is given an email notification of your refund date and amount will be sent to you.

Thanks! We appreciate your business! Below is a list of reasons why you should feel at ease and confident when you purchase from DIY Parts USA.

  • We Have Low Prices on Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Parts and Supplies! Some of the lowest prices on the Internet! We only mark-up our parts, supplies and products between 10% and 15%.
  • We are in business to help people and our customers.
  • We use Amazon, PayPal and VeriSign three of the most secure online payment and credit card processing companies on the Internet!
  • We Have UPS and USPS Point to Point Shipping Based Upon Your Zip Code! We have incorporated UPS and USPS Shipping options into our Business so you will know exactly how much your shipping cost will be before you purchase!
  • We are dedicated to quick delivery of your parts and supplies with quick USPS, UPS shipping right to your front door!
  • We use USPS Endica shipping software and UPS World Ship Software that sends our customers an email with a tracking number. Our customers can easily track their orders.
  • We give immediate Email confirmation after you purchase!
  • We ship your order within 24 hours after you purchase during the 5 day work week. If you order before 3:00 PM. Eastern Standard time, we will ship your order the same day!
  • We Email you an UPS or USPS tracking number the day we ship.

Below is a potential customer question about our Return Policy:

Question: Hi! Above is your return policy on electrical parts. I will like to invest $250 to buy a circuit board for a Bryant furnace to have as a spare (model # HK42fz017). How do I know that the part will not arrive as DOA? If I install the part in the furnace, how do I know it will work? Shouldn’t we have a better return policy on such an expensive part? Chris

My Answer:

Hi Chris! I am sorry, but I am passing on what my suppliers pass on to me. Our suppliers will not warrant electrical parts. I have been doing HVAC since 1988 and I have never had a bad board out of the box and I have installed lots of control boards. I have messed up and installed several boards wrong and did not wire them up right several times, but that was not the board’s fault. It was my fault. We mark the parts we sell up very little, only 10 to 15%. I can not afford the risk of losing $220 on a $250 part, plus supplying the customer with a brand new $220 part plus shipping. Some customers would install the part only to test their furnace and see if the part fixes their problem then return the part saying the part is defective. We sell these parts to help people out and we are not getting rich off of the parts I guarantee you. All of our parts are brand new. We will not sell a returned or used part. I believe there are other suppliers that offer a return policy. I really do not see how they can stay in business unless they mark the parts up a lot. I hope you have a nice day! We would love to have your business.