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Our Company Goals & Purpose of This Website

DIY Parts USA is located in Louisville, Kentucky. DIY Parts USA is committed to helping others stay comfortable in hot and cold weather. The main purposes of our web site is:

  1. To help people save money by allowing you to purchase products, parts, and supplies online at low prices.
  2. Allow people to gain the satisfaction and knowledge of learning how to repair, service and install HVAC parts for themselves!
  3. Give more to the charities we support.
  4. I like to meet new people and communicate with people on the internet. I like trying to answer your questions, and help people solve their HVAC problems. Please email us anytime if you have a question. Our email address is: We would love to help you out and have your business!
  5. Complete customer satisfaction, honesty, reliability and dependability are my main goals.

We want you to have confidence, and feel at ease when you make an online purchase with us.

We know online purchases can be a little scary. This is why I have comprised the list below. Here is a list of reasons why you should feel at ease and confident when you purchase from DIY Parts USA.

  • We Have Low Prices on Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Parts and Supplies! Some of the lowest prices on the Internet!
  •  We will stand behind our products and service 100%!
  • With First Data we use the most secure online payment and credit card processing company on the Internet!
  • We are dedicated to quick delivery of your parts and supplies with quick UPS shipping right to your front door! Same day shipping on orders received before 3:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time!
  • We ship USPS orders on Saturday if you order before 10 AM Eastern Time.
  • We use USPS Endica software and UPS World Ship Online Software that will send you a tracking number through email!
  • We give immediate Email confirmation after you purchase!
  • We ship your order within 24 hours after you purchase during the 5 day work week. If you order before 3 PM Eastern Standard time, we will ship your order the same day!
  • We Email you an UPS tracking number the day we ship.