SWT01611 American Standard Trane Furnace Limit Switch


The SWT01611 Limit Switch is used on many Trane and American Standard furnaces. We have a list of furnaces where the SWT01611 is used below.

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  • The SWT01611 American Standard Trane Furnace Limit Switch switch is a brand new OEM factory limit switch that comes in a Factory Specified Parts Bag. Please see the picture below.
  • The SWT01611 American Standard Trane Furnace Limit Switch is used on many Trane and American Standard furnaces. Please see the list of furnace models where the SWT01611 is used below.
  • FYI (For Your Information):
    • A furnace limit is a safety device that is used to cut the gas burners off if the furnace over-heats.
    • If your furnace is going off on limit you might have an air flow problem like a dirty filter, dirty blower, slow blower motor (might need a new capacitor) stopped up evaportator coil or too much gas pressure.
    • All of these can cause the furnace to over-heat and go off on limit.
    • Many times when the furnace goes off on limit the fan blower will continuously blow because the furnace control board senses that the furnace has over-heated and needs to cool down.
    • The only way to get the blower to cut off is to turn off the furnace with the power switch.
    • You can test a limit with a volt meter to see if it is open or not. On most limits you should get 24 volts from each of the two wires on the limit to a good ground.
  • The specifications on the furnace limit switch are: THERMAL LIMIT, OPEN @ 170 F, CLOSE @ 140 DEG F. This means that this limit switch opens and cuts off the gas burners when the temperature inside the furnace heat exchanger reaches 170 F and closes back to allow the burners to come back on when the heat exchanger reaches a temperature of 140 Degrees F.

Below is a list of Trane, American Standard Furnace models where this furnace limit is used:

ADC100C948B4 ADC100C948B5 ADC100C948B6 ADC100C948B7 ADC100C948B8 ADC100C948BA ADX1C100A9H41AA ADX1C100A9H41AB ADX1C100A9H41BA ADX1C100A9H41BB ADY100R9V4A5 ADY100R9V4A6 ADY100R9V4V0 ADY100R9V4V1 ADY100R9V4V2 ADY100R9V4V3 ADY100R9V4W0 ADY100R9V4W1 AUC060C936A0 AUC060C936A1 AUC060C936B0 AUC100C960A0 AUC100C960A1 AUC100C960B0 AUC100C960B1 AUC100C960B3 AUC100C960B4 AUC100C960B5 AUC100C960B6 AUC100C960B7 AUC100C960B8 AUC100C960BA AUC1D100A9601AA AUC1D100A9601AB AUC1D100A9601AC AUC1D100A9601AD AUC1D100A9601AE AUH1B080A9421AA AUH1C080A9601AA AUHMB060ACV3VAA AUHMB060ACV3VAB AUHMB060ACV3VAC AUX060C936A0 AUX060C936A1 AUX060C936B0 AUX060R936V0 AUX060R936V1 AUX060R936V2 AUX060R936W0 AUX060R936W1 AUX060R936W3 AUX060R936W5 AUX060R936W6 AUX080C960C1 AUX080C960C2 AUX080C960C3 AUX080C960D0 AUX080C960D1 AUX080C960D2 AUX080C960D3 AUX100C960C0 AUX100C960C1 AUX100C960C2 AUX100C960C3 AUX100C960D0 AUX100C960D1 AUX100C960D2 AUX100C960D3 AUX1C080A9601AA AUX1C080A9601AB AUX1C080A9601AC AUX1D100A9601AA AUX1D100A9601AB AUX1D100A9601AC AUX2B060A9362AA AUX2B060A9362AB AUY100R9V4A5 AUY100R9V4A6 AUY100R9V4V0 AUY100R9V4V1 AUY100R9V4V2 AUY100R9V4V3 AUY100R9V4W0 AUY100R9V4W1 CDC100A948A0 CDC100A948A1 CDC100A948A2 CDC100A948A3 CDC100A948A5 CDC100A948A6 CUC100A960A0 CUC100A960A1 CUC100A960A2 CUC100A960A3 CUC100A960A5 CUC100A960A6 CUX100A960A0 CUX1D100A9601AA CUX1D100A9601AB CUX1D100A9601AB CUX1D100A9601AC CUX1D100A9601AD TDC100C948B4 TDC100C948B5 TDC100C948B6 TDC100C948B7 TDC100C948B8 TDC100C948BA TDX1C100A9H41AA TDX1C100A9H41AB TDX1C100A9H41BA TDX1C100A9H41BB TDY100R9V4A5 TDY100R9V4A6 TDY100R9V4V0 TDY100R9V4V1 TDY100R9V4V2 TDY100R9V4V3 TDY100R9V4W0 TDY100R9V4W1 TUC060C936A0 TUC060C936A1 TUC060C936B0 TUC100C960A0 TUC100C960A1 TUC100C960B0 TUC100C960B1 TUC100C960B3 TUC100C960B4 TUC100C960B5 TUC100C960B6 TUC100C960B7 TUC100C960B8 TUC100C960BA TUC1D100A9601AA TUC1D100A9601AB TUC1D100A9601AC TUC1D100A9601AD TUC1D100A9601AE TUH1B080A9421AA TUH1C080A9601AA TUHMB060ACV3VAA TUHMB060ACV3VAB TUHMB060ACV3VAC TUX060C936A0 TUX060C936A1 TUX060C936B0 TUX060R936V0 TUX060R936V1 TUX060R936V2 TUX060R936W0 TUX060R936W1 TUX060R936W3 TUX060R936W5 TUX060R936W6 TUX080C960C1 TUX080C960C2 TUX080C960C3 TUX080C960D0 TUX080C960D1 TUX080C960D2 TUX080C960D3 TUX100C960C0 TUX100C960C1 TUX100C960C2 TUX100C960C3 TUX100C960D0 TUX100C960D1 TUX100C960D2 TUX100C960D3 TUX1C080A9601AA TUX1C080A9601AB TUX1C080A9601AC TUX1D100A9601AA TUX1D100A9601AB TUX1D100A9601AC TUX2B060A9362AA TUX2B060A9362AB TUY100R9V4A5 TUY100R9V4A6 TUY100R9V4V0 TUY100R9V4V1 TUY100R9V4V2 TUY100R9V4V3 TUY100R9V4W0 TUY100R9V4W1

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