CTR02579 Trane American Standard Air Conditioner Contactor


The American Standard, Trane part number: CTR02579 contactor is a genuine OEM Trane factory part which is used on many American Standard, Trane air conditioner and heat pump units. The CTR02579 would make an excellent replacement 30 amp single pole contactor on any air conditioner or heat pump unit.

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  • If you have a mid-size air conditioner 2 to 3 tons and need a 30 amp single pole contactor then the Trane, American Standard, Service First contactor part #CTR02579 would be a great choice.
  • This contactor is a Trane, American Standard OEM part number: CTR02579.
  • The contactor comes neatly packed in a Trane, Service First OEM factory box.
  • The CTR02579 Trane American Standard Air Conditioner Contactor has a place for 8 wires to connect at each end of the contactor.
  • The CTR02579 single pole contactor is rated at 30 amps and has a 24 volt coil.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in