Bryant Carrier 2 Wire Pilot Burner LH33JZ053


The LH33JZ053 is a brand new OEM Bryant Carrier 2 wire pilot burner is no longer available, however, we carry a Robert Shaw brand switch that replaces the obsolete switch. The LH33JZ053 is found on some of the older Bryant Carrier furnaces.

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  • The LH33JZ053 Bryant Carrier 2 Wire Pilot Burner is no longer available but we carry a replacement part made by Robert Shaw that replaces the obsolete part. The new part number RS 1830-620, it is a three wire pilot burner with instructions to install it in a two wire system.
  • The LH33JZ053 is found on some of the older Bryant Carrier furnaces.
  • The purpose of the 2 wire pilot burner is as a safety device.
  • The purpose is to sense the heat of the pilot flame by using a sensing plate.
  • FYI: If the pilot is burning and the sensing plate is hot enough the pilot burner connects the circuit inside the pilot burner and allows the main gas valve to open.  There should be a good blue flame present when the pilot burner is burning. If there is not a good blue flame then I would suggest turning the gas off to the furnace and cleaning the pilot with compressed air or nitrogen. Please always use safety glasses when using compressed air. You might need a dust mask too. If this does not solve the problem then you may need to take the 2 wire pilot apart and clean it or get a new 2 wire pilot burner. We also sell a 3 wire pilot burner.

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