B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Blower Motor


Goodman OEM 1/3 HP Air Handler Fan Blower Motor #B13400312S.

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  • The B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Blower Motor is used on many Goodman, Janitrol air handler models.
  • The specifications for this motor are:
    • Goodman part number: B13400312S,
    • 7.5 Mfd 370 V Capacitor (included with motor)
    • GE # 5KCP39GGP993AS
    • Diameter: 5.6″ – 208/230 Volt – 2.3 Amp –
    • Horse Power: 1/3 – RPM: 1,075 –
    • 2-Speed – CW Rotation –
    • Shaft: 1/2 x 3.92″ – Shaft End Closed
    • Johnstone part # S89-592
  • Please see the list this of air handler models that this motor is used on below.

Below is a list of air handler model numbers where this motor is used:

A30-05 A30-08 A30-08C A30-10 A30-10C A30-15 A32-03 A32-05 A32-05C A32-08 A32-08C A32-10 A32-15 A36-05 A36-05C A36-06 A36-08 A36-08C A36-10 A36-10C A36-15 A36-20 AR30-1 AR30-1* AR30-1D AR32-1 AR32-1* AR32-1D AR36-1 AR36-1* ARPF036-00B-1 ARPF036-00B-1* ARPF036-00B-1A ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1A ARPT036-00A-1 ARPT036-00C-1 ARPT036-00C-1A ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1* ARUF030-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1* ARUF032-00A-1A ARUF036-00A-1 ARUF036-00A-1* ARUF036-00A-1A AW30-05C AW30-08C AW30-10C PC030-1 PC036-1 PC036-1A PC036-3 PC036-3A PC042-1 PC042-1A PC042-3 PC042-3A PCJ030-1 PCJ036-1A PCJ042-1 PCK030-1 PCK036-1 PCK036-3 PCK042-1 PCK042-1A PCK042-1C PCK042-1F PCK042-3 PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1* PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A* PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1G PCKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D* PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1F PG030075-1 PG030075-1A PG030100-1 PG030100-1A PG036075-1 PG036075-1A PG036075-3 PG036075-3A PG036100-1 PG036100-1A PG036100-3 PG036100-3A PG042100-1 PG042100-1A PG042100-3 PG042125-1 PG042125-1A PG042125-3 PGB030050-1 PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1 PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030100-1 PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1B PGB036050-1 PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1B PGB036075-1 PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1B PGB036075-3 PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3C PGB036100-1 PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1B PGH036075-1 PGH036100-1 PGX030040-1 PGX030040-1A PGX036050-1 PGX036050-1A PGX036050-3 PGX036050-3A PGX036075-1 PGX036075-1A PGX042075-1 PGX042075-1A PH030-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH042-1 PHB030-1 PHB036-1 PHB036-3 PHJ030-1 PHJ030-1A PHJ036-1 PHJ036-1A PHJ036-1D PHJ048-1 PHK030-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1A PHK036-1B PHK036-1F PHK036-3 PHK036-3A PHK036-3B PHK036-3F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1* PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A* PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1F BMA30F00A P1232303C BMA30F07A P1232304C P1232310C BMA30F70A BMA36F00A P1232305C BMA36F10A P1232306C PCKJ036-1 PCKJ042-1 PCKJ042-1A XBM30A P1243402C XBM36A P1243403C

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in