990-53 Generalaire Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve 24 Volts


The 990-53 Generalaire Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve 24 Volts is a brand new Generalaire OEM factory humidifier water solenoid valve. The 990-53 is used on Models: 709, 1099, 1137, 1040, 1042. 


The 990-53 Generalaire Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve 24 Volts is a brand new Generalaire OEM factory humidifier water solenoid valve.

  • If you are having trouble with your humidifier not getting water then the problem could be the solenoid valve is stopped up, the solenoid coil is not getting 24 volts to the coil to open the valve or the coil on the valve is burnt out.
  • We sell the 990-53 Generalaire Humidifier Water Solenoid Valve 24 Volts on this page. Fits Models: 709, 1099, 1137, 1040, 1042.
  • This is a 24 volt valve. 

Solenoid Valve Replacement Instructions:

  1. For power units unplug electrical cord. For bypass units turn off power to furnace. Also turn the humidistat off.
  2. Shut off water supply at the saddle valve
  3. Disconnect inlet and outlet water compression nuts. Double wrench. Note, some water may drip on floor. Remove the orifice (which controls the water flow) from the plastic or copper tube and make sure there is no obstruction. If blocked clean or replace.
  4. Remove the wire nuts from the water solenoid valve wire connections. Set aside.
  5. Remove screws that secure valve to unit.
  6. Attach new valve with screws. Do not over-torque screws into plastic housing.
  7. Reconnect wires with wire nuts.
  8. For units with plastic feed tubes inspect for brittleness, hairline cracks, nicks or abrasions, etc. Replace if necessary.
  9. I would highly recommend completing this step while the humidifier water supply line is disconnected to clean out the supply line/saddle valve and make sure that you have a good flow of water coming out of the water supply line. Many times a new valve can become stopped up if this step is not completed. This can be accomplished by taking a bucket, setting the loose humidifier water supply line down into the bucket (two people are best), then turn on the saddle valve to get all loose sediment out of the saddle valve and the water line. This can be accomplished by allowing the water to run into the bucket for 10 to 15 seconds. If you can not get adequate water flow out of your saddle valve then you will need to replace your saddle valve. We sell a real good Supco saddle valve.
  10. Reconnect the water lines, double wrenching the compression nuts.
  11. Turn water back on and check system for leaks. Tighten compression nuts as necessary.
  12. Restore electrical service and activate furnace by turning up the thermostat.
  13. Turn up humidistat to verify operation of humidifier. Recheck for leaks. Turn down humidistat to make sure valve shuts off. Reset humidistat and thermostat to original levels.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in