70L5401 Honeywell Smart Valve Complete Pilot Burner Assembly


We sell a brand new Honeywell Smart Valve Pilot Assembly, flame rod and pilot burner which is used in many Armstrong, Ducane and Lennox gas furnaces.


Product Specifications

    • Application: Flame Rod Assembly
    • Used With: SV9500, SV9600; Field replacement for Q3450, Q3480, Q3620 hot surface pilot burner
    • Temperature Ratings (C): Flame Rod Tip: 982 C; Igniter Insulator: 485 C; Flame Rod Insulator: 677 C; Flame Rod Lead: 250 C
    • Temperature Ratings (F): Flame Rod Tip: 1800 F; Igniter Insulator: 905 F; Flame Rod Insulator: 1250 F; Flame Rod Lead: 482 F
    • Pilot Btuh: 1000
    • Length (in.): Ignition Wire–18 in.
    • Length (mm): 457 mm
    • Below we have a close-up picture of the green label and a picture of the complete pilot burner assembly with an option for you to purchase.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in