47-22861-02 Rheem Ruud Furnace Limit Switch


The 47-22861-02 Rheem Ruud furnace, manual reset, limit rollout switch is brand new and comes in a sealed Genuine Protech factory parts bag.

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  • The 47-22861-02 Rheem Ruud Furnace Limit Switch manual reset, limit rollout switch is brand new and comes in a sealed Genuine Protech factory parts bag.
  • Below we have a list of furnace models where this rollout limit switch is used.
  • FYI: A furnace limit is a safety device that is used to cut the gas burners off if the furnace over-heats. If your furnace is going off on limit you might have a stopped up vent pipe, a stopped up heat exchanger or a leaking heat exchanger. If you have to reset your limit, rollout switch by pressing the button down on top, I would recommend that you have the furnace checked out by a professional to make sure the furnace is safe. A stopped up vent pipe or leaking heat exchanger can produce carbon monoxide and hurt/harm you or your family. Many times when the furnace goes off on limit the fan blower will continuously blow because the furnace control board senses that the furnace has over-heated and needs to cool down.  The only way to get the blower to cut off is to turn off the furnace with the power switch. You can test a limit with a volt meter to see if it is open or not.  On most limits you should get 24 volts from each of the two wires on the limit to a good ground.

This Rheem, Ruud 47-22861-01 rollout limit switch is used on the following models and replaces the part numbers shown on the right:

Model: Part:
UGGD 47-22861-02
UGJD 47-22861-02
UGRB 47-22861-02
UGTK 47-22861-02
RQPW-B 47-22861-02
RRNA-B 47-22861-02
RRNA-C 47-22861-02
RRNL-B 47-22861-02
RRPL-B 47-22861-02
RRRL-B 47-22861-02
RRRL-C 47-22861-02
RRNL-C 47-22861-02
RGGE 47-22861-02
RGJF 47-22861-02
RGTM 47-22861-02
RRKA AS-60993-82
RQPW-B AS-60993-82
RRMA AS-60993-82
RRNA-A AS-60993-82
RRNA-B AS-60993-82
RRNL-B AS-60993-82
RRPL-B AS-60993-82
RRKA AS-60993-83
RQPW-B AS-60993-83
RRMA AS-60993-83
RRNA-A AS-60993-83
RRNA-B AS-60993-83
RRNA-C AS-60993-83
RRNL-B AS-60993-83
RRPL-B AS-60993-83
RRKA AS-60993-84
RQPW-B AS-60993-84
RRMA AS-60993-84
RRNA-A AS-60993-84
RRNA-B AS-60993-84
RRNA-C AS-60993-84
RRNL-B AS-60993-84
RRPL-B AS-60993-84
RRKA AS-60993-85
RQPW-B AS-60993-85
RRMA AS-60993-85
RRNA-A AS-60993-85
RRNA-B AS-60993-85
RRNA-C AS-60993-85
RRNL-B AS-60993-85
RRPL-B AS-60993-85

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in